Farmhouse Kitchen Re-Do

The thought of a complete kitchen renovation can seem a bit overwhelming.  But FEAR NOT! With a little forethought and a thrifty eye anyone can get the bright farmhouse style kitchen that dreams are made of  - even on a tight budget. Replace or Repaint Cabinets The biggest deciding factor for the argument "to keep … Continue reading Farmhouse Kitchen Re-Do


Rooster or no Rooster

rooster keeping mean rooster bad rooster

We have only kept chickens for about a year. They were my first crack at this new homesteading/mini-farming journey, a gateway animal of sorts. In my first batch of eight Tractor Supply chicks, four were roosters! For that reason alone, I have always had roosters. I re-homed one of the four roosters as a very … Continue reading Rooster or no Rooster

Preparing for your first kids (baby goats)

getting baby goats; feeding baby goats; baby goat care

The life of a homesteader can be very much "hurry up and wait".  I have been in the process of preparing for our very first goats for several months now.  Between researching and building a goat barn (reveal coming soon) , researching food and best feeding practices, and contacting my local large animal veterinarian; I … Continue reading Preparing for your first kids (baby goats)

My Outdoor Brooder

Before getting my first batch of fresh day old baby chicks, I did a lot of gathering information. Most information that I found had chicks living in a brooder in the house. While the idea of 8-10 peeping chicks in the house sounds fun for the short term, it just didn't sound like the best … Continue reading My Outdoor Brooder

Fireplace Re-Do

One of the "really wants" in our farmhouse search was a real, wood burning, fireplace.  I mean, does it get any more charming than a fire on a cold winter night and making s'mores inside??  So, when I saw this (picture below) I felt like we might have something.   Going into our  renovation, we … Continue reading Fireplace Re-Do

A Little Introduction

Hey guys, I'm Rachel.  I've recently moved with my family from the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. to a smaller little farm town in North Carolina  in hopes of making my mini farm dreams come true.  I am fortunate enough to have found my dream fixer-upper on 3 acres of land in the early spring of … Continue reading A Little Introduction

World’s easiest DIY chicken feeder

diy storage bin chicken feeder quick easy cheap chicken feeder

This one is gong to be short and sweet because this chicken feeder is seriously the easiest DIY project!!  I check in on my chickens every day (so this wasn't really about having to feed them less often), but was looking for a better way to store their food and reduce waste.  This storage bin … Continue reading World’s easiest DIY chicken feeder

Renovation: Master Bedroom

Farmhouse style master bedroom renovation before and after

We bought our little farmhouse knowing that it was going to be a complete re-do.  I wish you guys could smell this before's so bad.  Think 100 dogs and cats trapped in a single room for several days. Even with the stank, there is so much to work with here.  This room really couldn't … Continue reading Renovation: Master Bedroom